2017 - Vision statement for the Brexit negotiations

In order to weigh in on the Brexit negotiations, the Government of Flanders has identified its priorities for the different phases of the negotiations and listed these in a vision statement.

Flanders consistently advocates a trade friendly brexit and concluding an extensive and thorough trade agreement. This agreement on future relations should allow for smooth cooperation in other domains such as fishery, transport, energy, environment, safety, research and education. Guarding equal playing field and fair financial contributions in these matters is key.

Furthermore, the result of the Brexit negotiations should not undermine the value of full EU membership. There has to remain a difference between an EU member state and a non-EU member state. 

To address these various challenges, the Government of Flanders has defined several policy priorities and goals.

pdf fileBrexit Flemish interests and priorities 2017 (800 KB)

Vision statement Brexit negotiations 2017