For which organizations does this grant apply?

The FTP subsidies only applies to multilateral organisations (no NGOs, private companies, etc.). You can find the full list on our website.  The multilateral organization’s headquarters are included as well as a number of liaison and field offices under specific conditions (cf. decree of the Flemish Government art. 2, § 1, 18 °- 20 °: in Belgium, in the jurisdiction of the General Representatives of the Flemish Government or linked to a project or programme financed by the Flemish Government).

How much financial aid will I get?

The grant is a fixed monthly fee, which varies from country to country. There is also a one-time fee for travel expenses of 200 euro within Europe (not for Belgium) and of 500 euro outside Europe. You can find the list of the current month on our website .The list of amounts is reviewed annually.

How and when will I receive the grant?

Payment is made by bank transfer to your bank account, mentioned in your application, and will be made in two instalments:

  • The first instalment of 85% of the total amount of the grant can be expected between 4 and 8 weeks after submission of your application, and after the internship promoter has e-mailed the internship attestation.
  • You'll receive the second instalment of 15% 2-4 weeks after we received your internship report and the evaluation report, sent by the internship supervisor.
How important is an internship and evaluation report after I finished my internship?

Very important! If we don't receive your internship report and the evaluation report within two months after the termination of your internship, your first received instalment and 15 % of the total subsidy amount can be reclaimed.

Can I apply without Belgian citizenship or permanent residency?

The nationality and permanent residence are of no interest. It is however required to have a degree at an institution of secondary education or higher education, which is funded by the Flemish Community. Such is not the case for the College of Europe.

Can the FTP program help me find an internship?

No, we don't provide internships. We regularly post internship vacancies on our facebook page.

When should I submit my subsidy application?

In order to obtain a subsidy for the entire duration of your internship (up to 6 months), you can still submit your grant application up to one day before the start of the internship. The subsidy application may be submitted at least 6 months before the start of the internship. In principle, subsidy applications can be submitted throughout the year, as long as the budget is available. When we run out of budget, this is mentioned on our website and Facebook page. Applications that are submitted when no budget is available can not be processed and will not be saved until a budget is available.

Will I still receive child allowances during my internship?

If you are younger than 25 years old, you are entitled to child benefit. The FTP subsidy is not a wage but a reimbursement of actual costs incurred, consisting of a one-off travel allowance and an expense allowance for housing and living expenses. The intern is not entitled to wages or any compensation from the organization or from any other government. The FTP subsidy is neutralized when calculating the maximum permitted amount of EUR 541.09 gross per month that a young person may earn in order not to lose the right to child benefit.

Can I combine the grant with another funding or with a reimbursement?

No, the FTP regulation explicitly prohibits the receipt of any additional financial allowance.