Grant for Adelphi Research gGmbH (SEED ) for stimulating the transition towards an inclusive green economy in Southern Africa through eco-inclusive business development, 2017

Beneficiary: SEED, hosted by Adelphi Research gGmbH

Amount: 1.170.000 euro

Period: 2017 – 2019

Adelphi has been appointed as a SEED Hosting Partner in 2013.

SEED is a public benefit organisation that contributes to Cape Town’s resilience through awakening the potential of our unemployed township youth; connecting them to their strengths, the positive resilience action they can take in their lives and also to green jobs.

With this project, SEED focuses on various components to enable the breakthrough of eco-inclusive companies. This initiative builds upon an earlier project of SEED, also supported by the Government of Flanders, that promoted the development of green economy in Southern Africa.