Grant for African First Aid Materials in southern Africa, 2012

Duration: 2012-2014

Budget: 498.764

This project wants to help improve first aid in southern Africa by introducing the “African First Aid Materials” (AFAM).

Duration and budget

The project will run for three years. The grant for this project amounts to 498,764 euros.

Problem definition

Each year, tens of thousands of people in southern Africa get killed or wounded in accidents. The majority of the people do not have access to quick ambulance services or cannot afford them. Yet the administration of first aid by first line health workers is of vital importance.

Practical implementation

In 2005, the Belgian Red Cross - Flanders participated in laying the foundations for the development of the "European First Aid Manual" (EFAM), an initiative to modernise first aid education in Europe. This was an initiative involving experts from various European countries. Meanwhile, these EFAM guidelines are applied in 25 countries.

Based on this EFAM, the Red Cross designed an African version, i.e. the African First Aid Materials (AFAM). Just like the European model, the AFAM was created in cooperation with experts and adjusted to the African continent. Using the Flemish grant, the Red Cross wants to introduce these guidelines in two Flemish partner countries, namely South Africa and Malawi. South Africa is an important player in the field of first aid and a pioneer in the region in terms of first aid education.


Belgian Red Cross - Flanders