Grant for improving the representation of African natural sites on the World Heritage List, 2019

Project: Improving the representation of African sites on the World Heritage List: upstream support for natural heritage

Beneficiary: UNESCO

Duration: 2019-2020

Budget: 250.000 USD

Africa remains poorly represented on the World Heritage List. It is a longstanding aim for UNESCO to improve this situation. In order to achieve a more balanced representation on the World Heritage List, technical assistance should be provided to African countries in their efforts to nominate sites as World Heritage. This projects wants to contribute to that aim, specifically for key natural sites.

The expected results of the project are:

  • One nomination dossier for a significant boundary modification completed:

    • The World Heritage Committee has requested Ethiopia to complete significant boundary modifications in order to include habitat areas of endangered animal species.
  • One nomination dossier for a new natural site completed:
    • Ethiopia would like to nominate the Bale Mountains National Park on the World Heritage List.
  • The feasibility of two transboundary extensions of World Heritage properties known, and a plan to complete the nomination dossiers has been developed:
    • It concerns the extension of the boundaries of the famous Okavango Delta site in Botswana, including additional key parts of the water basin in Namibia and Angola.
  • Two states updating their tentative list to include key natural sites with potential to demonstrate outstanding universal value:
    • Zimbabwe has recently initiated discussions with Zambia to consider nominating the Lower Zambezi National Park of Zambia as an extension of Mana Pools National Park, with a view to creating a transboundary property