Grant for study of worker rights in globalizing economies, 2014

Project: study "worker rights in globalizing economies: assessment of labour provisions in trade and investment arrangements" Contributing global research into the influence of labour provisions in trade and investment treaties on labour rights

Beneficiary: ILO (via flanders - ILO trustfund)

Amount: 450.000 euro

Duration: July 2014 – November 2017

This project examined the extent to which existing international economic governance arrangements are effective in influencing labour standards, working conditions and the general policy environment with which companies operate when engaging in international trade. In addition, the project examines the role of the ILO in improving the coherence between these schemes and its labour standards and follow-up mechanisms.

The project also included a large amount of knowledge dissemination in the form of workshops and the dissemination of a handbook on the organization, scope, implementation and effectiveness of labour regulations in trade agreements.

You can find the final report here