Grant to Caritas International Belgium for vulnerable families in Urban Aleppo, 2018

Project: Vulnerable families in Urban Aleppo recover from the conflict and rebuild their lives and communities

Beneficiary: Caritas International Belgium

Budget: 100.000 euros

Period: 2018 - 2019

The project of Caritas International Belgium aims to support vulnerable people in Aleppo and supports them in their search for sustainable solutions. 

Caritas International comes to the aid of victims of violence, natural catastrophes, and poverty whether in their own country or on the run through our local, national, and international network. The most urgent needs that Caritas must meet are assistance with food and hygiene products, financial assistance to pay rent, and surgery costs. Special attention will also be given to education, empowerment, resilience, and reconstruction of the living environment. 

With this grant, Flanders wants to focus on the respect and observance of human rights in Aleppo and Syria in general. Another main focus is the stabilization of the external border of the European Union.