Grant to Mozaika, Latvia (2021)

Project: Human dignity and inclusion, Mozaika, Latvia

Beneficiary: Mozaika

Amount: 41,450 euros

Duration: 1 year

Mozaika is the largest LGBTQI+ organization in Latvia and is co-organizer of the Baltic Pride, the establishment of which was supported by Flanders in 2005.

This project, which will take place in 2021, aims to build up (legal) expertise to tackle discrimination. In addition, it will strengthen ties between civil society, businesses and legal experts. This project consists of two parts:

1) Compiling a legal reference work through legal experts to further investigate and legally substantiate the concept of 'human dignity', resulting in practically useful legal material. To kick off this project, Mozaika will host a conference during the Baltic Pride, where leading legal experts and professors will engage in the debate.
2) research into the 'price of intolerance' (implication of LGBTQI+ intolerance on international reputation, companies, foreign investment, emigration, well-being) in order to bring this issue to the attention of local and international business leaders, resulting in a toolbox for policy makers and entrepreneurs about the impact of intolerance. Recommendations will also follow to achieve inclusive workplaces and an inclusive society. Work will start during Baltic Pride 2021 as part of the second Baltic Business Diversity Forum.