Grants development cooperation

Flemish development cooperation concentrates its efforts on a limited number of countries, sectors and actors so as to make the most efficient use of the available funds. Grants are the main instrument in this context. How these grants are spent differs according to the nature of the cooperation.

Three partner countries

In the three partner countries Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa, the policy to be pursued is set out in country strategy papers. We also reinforce our work in the partner countries by subsidising projects that reach beyond the country’s borders. The themes of these projects are in line with the sectors specified in the country strategy papers. 



South Africa


In Flanders, a Global Challenges call is launched every two years. In 2016, the call focused on projects which ensure that various actors in Flemish society work together to realise change and make an active contribution to a sustainable and just global society. In principle, the next call is scheduled for the spring of 2018.


Support for private initiatives

Within the Flemish development cooperation landscape a lot of (small-scale) citizens’ initiatives are operational. A large number of people roll up their sleeves and support a project in the South. In Flanders, these initiatives are referred to as the 4th Pillar. To support these initiatives and respond to their needs wherever possible, a Support Centre was established in January 2009. Flanders was one of the founding fathers of this initiative and gives financial support to the Support Centre.

Support Centre of the 4th Pillar