Green light for automatic recognition diplomas in Benelux

  • January 26, 2018

On 25 January, the ministers for eduction of the Benelux countries signed an agreement on the automatic recognition of all diplomas and degrees within the Benelux. The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium are pioneering in Europe with these automatic recognition.

The automatic recognition of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees already exists since 2015. As from today, this applies to all higher education diplomas and degrees. This automatic “level recognition” eliminates time-consuming and expensive procedures.

“From now on, the level of a Flemish higher education diploma will automatically be recognized in the Netherlands and Luxembourg,” says Minister for Education Crevits. “This agreement removes a barrier to study or work across the border. It’s a historical step and an example for Europe.”

The Benelux celebrates its 60the anniversary this year. Belgium is currently president of the Benelux.

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Hilde Crevits