Human Rights and Flanders international policy

Flanders international human rights policy is based on 7 principles:

  1. Ensuring quick parliamentary approval of human rights conventions and of any additional commitments.
  2. Investing in training of staff: human Rights, their impact on policy and the consequences for regulation. 
  3. Focus on 4 human rights groups: respect for the physical integrity of every person - fight all forms of discrimination - respect the rights of the child - promote the right to decent working conditions
  4. Focus on building respect for social rights in emerging and developing countries.
  5. Introduce cross cutting theme "Good governance" in all bilateral cooperation.
  6. Working within the European and multilateral framework and at the same time using these international fora to raise awareness for Flemish concerns. 
  7. Constant alertness for ethical, economic and security elements in the implementation of the Arms Trade Act. 

In 2016,  the human rights policy was evaluated. The objective was to examine how Flanders in recent years had implemented the policy. In other words, "What are the most relevant achievements in the period 2012-2016? Are the commitments honoured? " The evaluation does not pursue completeness and highlights only a small number of actions. At the same time, future goals are actions are set. on January 27, 2017 this exercise resulted in an approved report of the Government of Flanders.  


Human Rights and Flanders' policy, review 2012 - 2016, outlook 2016 - 2020