Flemish Resilience: ambitious recovery plan Government of Flanders

  • November 17, 2021

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented crisis. The Government of Flanders is responding to this with its ambitious Flemish Resilience recovery plan. An investment worth 4.3 billion euros and intended to turn the corona crisis into an opportunity. An opportunity bringing societal and economic gains and making Flanders one of Europe’s frontrunners. The European Union has also set up a recovery fund to emerge from this crisis, from which it is allocating 2.25 billion euros to Flanders.

Flemish Resilience features 7 key focal points that are being implemented via 180 projects, 55 of which are EU-funded. These projects are expected to propel Flanders to the forefront of the digital revolution and help it shift gear to a more sustainable economy.

The 7 key focal points of Flemish Resilience are:

  • Investing in climate and innovation and making the economy and society more sustainable
  • Investing in infrastructure and major mobility works
  • Transforming Flanders digitally
  • Promoting lifelong learning and digitalisation in education and on the labour market
  • Strengthening Flanders’ care and welfare system
  • Emerging from the corona crisis and Brexit
  • Decreasing red tape and increasing government efficiency

Read more about the recovery plan:pdf fileFlemish Resilience (703 KB)