Only global cooperation can prevent catastrophes – Flanders Day celebration for diplomatic corps

  • July 4, 2022

On 4 July, Minister-president Jan Jambon welcomed the diplomatic corps to the Errera House for the celebration of Flanders day.  

The ambassadors and delegates present heard a committed Minister-president strongly condemn the Russian attack on independent Ukraine and called for further international cooperation to effectively address the many challenges ahead.

"With all the challenges the world faces today from war and conflict, climate change, the slow depletion of resources and the associated need for sustainable energy, only further global collaboration will be able to save us from future catastrophes like these."

The Minister-president stressed that Flanders wants to play an active role.

"As an open society and economy, Flanders combines its commitment to the people of Flanders, businesses and organisations, with the will to be a committed player in the world."

"The current crisis is forcing us all to make the shift towards a climate-neutral and sustainable society even faster. The Government of Flanders is therefore aiming for a greater focus on energy-savings and the expansion of renewable energy. We will turn our strategic dependence into an economic opportunity by supporting innovative energy sources such as CCS/CCU (Carbon Capture Storage / Carbon Capture Utilisation) and green hydrogen."

The Government of Flanders remains resolutely committed to technological innovation, as generated by the Flemish knowledge centres in close cooperation with companies and organisations, and wishes to share this knowledge with partners inside and outside the European borders. Before raising his glass to Flanders Day, Minister-president Jambon announced for this purpose a major technology and innovation festival in 2024 "... highlighting the opportunities technology has to offer and how Flanders, its companies and research institutions are at the cutting edge of innovation."

Read the full speech by the Minister-president.

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