Luxembourg fintech and space valley on the spot

  • April 26, 2022

Minister-president Jan Jambon took part in the VOKA mission to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 25 and 26 April. This two-day mission focused mainly on the fintech and space sectors. 

Luxembourg is one of the leading innovative regions in Europe. From its strong banking tradition, the Grand Duchy was able to build the bridge to fintech start-ups. And it built an impressive space valley.  During the two-day mission, the forty participants and Minister-president Jambon were given a detailed explanation of Luxembourg's plans for the future by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Luxembourg is very interested in strengthening the ties and working more closely with Flanders. 

The delegation visited The Lhoft, a public-private fintech platform, and also stopped off at SES in Betzdorf, one of the largest private satellite operators in the world, around which an ecosystem of seventy companies has formed, all active in the space industry. A sector that, as is well known, also has a few strongholds around Antwerp.  

A first concrete result of this mission is the intention for the Flemish and Luxembourg space specialists to sit around the table as soon as possible with a view to closer cooperation. 

PHOTO BELGA IMAGE : MP Jan Jabom and premier Xavier Bettel