Participation of Minister-President Jambon in EU Culture Council and Cohesion Policy meeting

  • May 18, 2021

On May 18, Flemish Minister-President and Minister of Culture Jan Jambon took part in the formal European Council of Ministers for Culture and Audiovisual Affairs. It was the first physical meeting since the start of the pandemic. Culture ministers exchanged views on the diversification of funding sources and mechanisms for protecting and preserving cultural heritage, in addition to public support.

The Minister-President, in adopting the Council conclusions on the recovery of the cultural sector after the corona crisis, also expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU to continue to monitor the impact of the corona crisis. “More and more attention must now be focused on a safe and maximum reopening of the cultural sector and resuming international mobility. Belgium is asking to continue to exchange good examples and to work together where it can be useful ”, said the Minister-President.

At the informal meeting of Cohesion Policy Ministers, which took place virtually, Minister-President Jambon advocated maximum involvement of regions in the discussions on the recovery of the EU. “Regions will, after all, play a key role in the recovery and transformation of the EU after the pandemic,” said the Minister-President.

Minister-President Jambon also stressed that Belgium attaches importance to the synergy and complementarity between cohesion policy and the recovery plan. He called on the Commission to remain committed to simplification, so that the EU can demonstrate itself as a reliable and agile partner for national, regional and local authorities.

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