Promoting Flemish cycling culture in Latvia

  • September 4, 2018

At the invitation of General Representative Yves Wantens, a group of former cyclists participated in the Unity Ride in Latvia on 3 September. "A successful promotion  of  Flemish cycling culture", according to Representative Wantens. 

Together with the City of Oudenaarde, where the Tour of Flanders Center is located, the Representation organized the Flemish participation in the Unity Ride. Former professional cyclists Jean Marie Wampers, Willy and Jo Planckaert, Wim Vansevenant and Peter Farazijn took part in the race. They also shared their expertise, good advice and some remarkable stories with young cyclists and coaches from the Latvian sports federation. 

The Latvian Unity Ride was organized for the first time in 1936. World War II and the Russian occupation put an end to this annual race for professional cyclists. In 1995 the race was restarted and has since become one of the biggest sporting events in the Baltic States.

General Representation of the Government of Flanders in Poland and the Baltic States