Zeeland meeting shares ideas for crossborder cooperation

  • September 28, 2020

On 28 September Minister-president Jambon opened the Zeeuwse Oesterontmoeting (Zeeland Oyster Meeting) with a video message. The organising Province of Zeeland and the Economic Board Zeeland chose "The economy after the crisis" as the theme for this largely digital meeting.

In his speech, Minister-president Jambon stressed the great importance of cross-border cooperation. He listed a number of major realisations such as the New lock in Terneuzen and the merged North Sea Port. At the same time he pointed to the work that is still on the shelf. Such as making industry and mobility more sustainable, the digitisation and stimulating business in the border region.

Host Han Polman, King's Commissioner for Zeeland, also pointed to the strong ties between Flanders and Zeeland. "The Zeeland economy is open and diverse. We have been working and living here for decades without borders and have become an integrated society with our Flemish neighbours". He called on all participants to also work in a border-blind way and to transcend their own organisation and sector. "For these common challenges and major issues, we need all hands. Let's reach out to each other, also virtually.”

Because of the COVID19 measures, only a limited number of invitees were able to attend. Most of the participants - from the business community, educational and cultural sector and administrations in Zeeland and Flanders - followed and participated online in five themed sessions. These sessions dealt with various aspects of the "new economy" and cross-border cooperation: from working towards a culture-inclusive society to discussing the new concepts of mobility.

General Representation of the Government of Flanders in the Netherlands (only in Dutch)