Since 1994, Poland and Flanders have enjoyed a close cooperation through the signing of a general agreement (the first that Flanders concluded with a foreign partner). We are talking about a wide range of areas such as culture, health care, trade, language, remembrance education and youth policy, and in doing so a large number of actors are involved: government departments, educational institutions, civil society organisations, cultural key players and private partners. 

Poland was one of the first major beneficiaries of the Flemish Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation Programme, where Flemish and Poles from all kinds of disciplines worked together as partners on projects. This brought about numerous structural links that have resulted in crystallised cooperation. Several Flemish cities and municipalities such as Ghent and Mechelen maintain close contact with Poland, either through a structured approach such as active town twinning, or on a more ad hoc basis, for example in the cultural sphere or centred on port cooperation, among other areas. 

The General Representation of the Government of Flanders in Warsaw is responsible for all official contact regarding Flemish authority in Poland and the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The office of Flanders Investment and Trade in Warsaw facilitates investments in Flanders and state-run Flemish export companies.