Representation to the EU

Each policy area and each competent minister is responsible for monitoring their policy area at EU level. Dossiers or themes that touch on the competence of more than two policy areas, however, are discussed in the framework of the Strategic Dialogue International Affairs (SOIA) chaired by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Flemish common positions are defined through consultation. These can be files that are fairly limited in time, but also on issues that are constantly discussed.

Flanders has its own General Representation within the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union (AAVR EU). The General Representation consists of a series of attach├ęs from different Flemish policy areas and is led by a General Representative of the Government of Flanders.

They participate in the working groups of the Council, report on the latest European developments and assist Flemish ministers in the Council. In the various working groups that prepare the Councils of EU Ministers, Flemish attach├ęs also act as spokesman for Belgium. They maintain contacts with European institutions and representations of other countries and regions, focusing on optimal Flemish interests. The AAVR EU is in daily contact with the Flemish ministers, their cabinets and the Flemish administration. It also collaborates with the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe (vleva), which focuses mainly on the involvement of the Flemish civil society and local authorities in European affairs.

General Representation of the Government of Flanders to the EU