The policy choices of the Flemish development cooperation - with, among other things, the concentration on a limited number of sectors and countries in Southern Africa - are visible in the actual expenditures. You can consult these Flemish expenditures for development cooperation (ODA) in two ways:

  • At meta level:

ODA REPORT shows where the resources have been deployed globally, through which channels, and within which sectors. These graphs are interactive: selected data sets in one graph also light up in all other graphs. It is recommended to view this dashboard in full screen mode (click on the arrow at the bottom right).

  • On micro level:

The ODA-DATABANK unlocks all funded projects and programmes. Users can filter the data according to different parameters. Project sheets contain detailed information on objectives, beneficiaries, sectors, funding, project documents,... It is also possible to download these data as a data sheet.


Expenditure qualifies as ODA (Official Development Assistance), when it meets the following criteria:

  • Official - the expenditure comes strictly from government funds. 
  • Development - economic and social development is the prime goal.
  • Assistance - it is aid (i.e., it is not a commercial transaction subject to market conditions).
  • The assistance is going to a country (or group of countries) or an international institution on the DAC list.